What you need to know about the Rust programming language

lenguaje de programación Rust
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Did you know that the Rust programming language is an improved option for C and C++? In this opportunity, we talk to you about its characteristics, advantages and utilities. Read on and find out if it can be a good technology for your next project.

What is Rust?

Rust is a programming language developed by Mozilla, used to write command line tools, web applications, and network programs. Also, this language can be used for low-level programming.

Features of Rust

  • It is object oriented.
  • It has a simple interface.
  • It has automatic save management.
  • It is Immutable, concurrent and multiparadigmatic.
  • It has native and static compilation.
  • It is cross-platform.
  • It has explicit memory control.
  • It is practical, powerful, safe and fast.
  • It allows UTF8 strings.

Advantages of Rust

  • Being a compiled language, it guarantees high performance.
  • It provides abstractions that greatly facilitate the programmer’s job.
  • Since it is free and open source software, anyone can use it.
  • It also allows you to create libraries.
  • It has a syntax very similar to the one of C and C++.

What is Rust for?

Rust was built to potentially match the speed of C++, while avoiding memory issues and minimizing bugs in your code.

Today, this is the language on which much of Servo, the Firefox browser, is supported. It handles a modern syntax, which makes it suitable for running web applications at a speed very close to native apps.

Being a multipurpose language, which goes beyond the internal development of a browser, Rust has tools to create APIs, HTTP clients and database connectors. It is used to program applications with embedded systems that are used to execute control tasks at a very low cost size.

Among the most recognized companies that use Rust in their developments are: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Meta, and Google (for Android and Google Cloud).

So far we have come with What you need to know about the Rust programming language. If you have a technological project in mind and you think this technology could be useful to you, do not hesitate to reach out. At MyTaskPanel Consulting we can help you.


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