CTO as a service

CTO as a service

The cost-effective and flexible alternative to hiring a permanent Chief Technology Officer

Currently, business leaders are actively adopting technology and transforming their processes with automation. According to a recent Deloitte survey of directors and corporate leaders, more than half of respondents admit to relying on the support of an external specialist, such as a CTO as a service, to lead their technology plan. They see this as a critical task and plan to invite these technology specialists to meetings more frequently.

Whether you have an idea for a startup or want to scale your current business, hiring a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) as a service can be extremely helpful.

CTO as a service

What is a CTO as a service?

CTO as a service (CTOaaS) is a solution where an information technology expert provides their services on a temporary or short-term basis to companies in need of technical advice, guidance, and solutions. Instead of hiring a full-time CTO, companies can hire a CTO as a service to receive impartial advice, technical updates, and improve internal infrastructure (all without committing long-term). It is an efficient and affordable solution for companies seeking high-level technical guidance, without the long-term responsibilities of a full-time CTO.

When do you need a CTO?

A CTO is a key person in a company who is responsible for technology strategy and development. Whether you are starting a business or have many products in operation, a CTO can assist you in many tasks. Here are some situations when you should have a CTO:

  • Improve the competitiveness of the start-up.
  • Scale the business and make appropriate technology or business decisions.
  • Upgrade outdated tools and technologies.
  • Solve issues with internal infrastructure or industry regulations.
  • Verify the suitability of technologies for the business.
  • Choose appropriate technologies and build a team.
  • Conduct audits or present the MVP to investors.
  • Provide a temporary CTO.
  • Receive impartial consultation or advice on the MVP technology stack.
  • Expand the business or integrate a new technology.
  • Receive high-level guidance for the team.

Advantages of Hiring a CTO as a Service

• Improved Business Performance

A CTO as a service can help drive a company’s growth and profitability by identifying areas where efficiency can be improved and costs reduced. Additionally, an experienced CTO can suggest new technological solutions that can improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

• Value Delivery through Experience

An experienced CTO has years of industry experience and has worked on a wide range of technology projects. This experience allows them to quickly identify challenges and find effective solutions, which in turn maximizes the value they can deliver to the company.

• Lower costs

A CTO as a service can help reduce long-term costs by identifying more efficient and affordable solutions and helping the company avoid costly technology mistakes. In addition, by using a CTO as a service, companies can save on hiring and training costs for internal staff.

• Creation of your own development plan

A CTO as a service can help companies create their own long-term technological development plan. An experienced CTO can assess the strengths and weaknesses of the company and suggest technological solutions that fit their goals.

• Assistance in presenting a project

A CTO as a service can help companies pitch a technology project more effectively. An experienced CTO can help companies identify the best technological solutions and present them clearly and convincingly.

• Reduction of operational risks

One of the main advantages of hiring a CTO as a service is the reduction of operational risks. An experienced CTO will be able to identify potential risks before they become real problems.

• Market trend monitoring

An experienced CTO will be aware of the latest technological trends and advances, which will allow the company to stay ahead in its industry. For example, if a new technology is gaining popularity in the industry, a CTO can suggest to the company to adopt it before its competitors do.

In addition, a CTO can also help the company evaluate new technologies and determine if they are suitable for the company. This can save time and resources, as the company will not have to spend money on technologies that are not suitable for its needs.

CTO: Key Roles and Responsibilities

Research Phase

An external CTO can be hired as a service for startups that have good ideas but need support to bring them to life. This expert will provide assistance during the discovery phase, which includes:

  • Definition of goals and selection of features for the MVP.
  • Creation of the architecture and design of the technical solution.
  • Search and choice of optimal tools and technologies.
  • Evaluation and mitigation of risks and analysis of the competition.

Technical Solutions

The role of the CTO includes both development and business knowledge. Troubleshooting technical problems and implementing innovative solutions are key responsibilities of the CTO.

A CTO can assist a company with technological solutions, including:

  • Choice of functionality based on business requirements.
  • Resolution of technical challenges and selection of efficient and effective technologies.
  • Evaluation of the current technology stack and troubleshooting technical problems that the company’s team cannot handle.
  • Improvement of architecture, scalability, and complex integrations.

Project Planning

In project planning, external CTOs often play an important role, taking care of the development process planningprioritizing features, and identifying those that require the most attention. They also optimize and create the project plan, highlighting processes and functionalities to improve efficiency and reduce costs. This is especially relevant when the project’s goal is to scale, for example, when a system can no longer handle increased requests.

As a service, the CTO can help with various aspects of planning, such as:

  • Improving development processes
  • Prioritizing features
  • Improving architecture
  • Creating a development roadmap
  • Estimating budgets and timelines.

Project Scalability

Scalability becomes crucial when a product has grown and needs to be taken to the next level. Although the product may have a suitable size to scale, it may fail in terms of the technical part. In these cases, an experienced CTO is essential to evaluate business needs and develop a comprehensive plan to achieve successful scalability.

During the scalability process, the CTO can assist you with:

  • Business analysis and needs assessment
  • Architectural and technical decision making
  • Finding effective, risk-free expansion solutions
  • Creating a technical scalability strategy.

Project Pitch

A CTO is not only a senior developer, but also a business analyst and development manager with a strong technical understanding.

Providers often hire a CTO for their funding round as a way to convince investors. In addition to representing a project idea, the CTO can also demonstrate their expertise in effective development and share technical solutions and business discounts for the project with investors.

When pitching your product, a CTO can help you with:

  • Preparing a technical pitch presentation.
  • Explaining the technical value of the project to investors.
  • Demonstrating that the project team has deep expertise.
  • Answering any technical questions from investors.


When it comes to young startups, founders and a CTO often act as recruiters and hire the future team. In later stages, the startup CTO helps HR specialists recruit the best suitable candidates.

A CTO can advise on hiring aspects such as:

  • Creating criteria for technical employees.
  • Evaluating the technical experience of future employees.
  • Conducting technical interviews.
  • Determining developers’ soft skills and verifying if they are good team players.
  • Motivating the team in case of issues.

Project Audit

It is important to maintain product excellence and ensure its reliability through regular audits every six months or so. Hiring an external CTO to conduct an audit is a more affordable option compared to hiring a specialized auditing firm. In addition, the objective perspective of an external CTO is an added value in the evaluation. If the budget is limited and the project is not yet of a large scale, hiring a CTO as a service is a superior alternative.

During the project audit, a CTO can assist you with:

  • Verifying code quality
  • Evaluating team performance
  • Reviewing project quality and functionality
  • Monitoring the delivery process and preparing recommendations for improvements.

In summary, hiring a CTOaaS is a smart option for companies seeking quality technological advice without having to make a big investment. Don’t wait any longer and let your company reach new heights with a CTO as a Service!


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