MyTaskPanel Consulting can help you if

  • You have a company with a new project that you have to develop technologically to present to the market.
  • You need technological support to create or improve a digital product that you plan to offer or that you are already offering to your customers.
  • You would like to have a team of professionals who are experts in technology, to join your company and strengthen your own team to face current challenges.
MyTaskPanel Consulting

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Software Development

Dedicated Agile Teams

IT Outsorcing

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For all the projects entrusted to us, we use an agile methodology that provides visibility and transparency through Agile.MyTaskPanel. Through this software, you will be able to see the status of each phase, stage, iteration and task completely online. Even, as a product owner, you will have a complete vision of the progress of the project, both in a Board, Dashboard or Timeline format.

Software Development

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We have multidisciplinary teams that covers all roles and masters all the architectures and technologies necessary to carry out an IT project. If we also add the use of agile methodologies and our own platform for online monitoring of the projects entrusted to us, we are your best option to face any software development challenge you encounter.

Transparency, quality and professionalism are our three pillars.

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We focus both on the development of an application itself, and on the customer counselling on the complete process of carrying out a project, from the idea approach until it is transformed into an app that is published for the consumption of users.

Dedicated Agile Teams

Squads are multidisciplinary teams that work under the scrum methodology, and are assigned to one or more projects in order to fill skill/capacity gaps in organizations and satisfy software development needs.

They are autonomousself-sufficient and adaptive teams, they can increase or reduce their size depending on the needs and be seen as a unit, abstracting stakeholders from daily management.

Here you can find out more about our working methodology.
Use our calculator to get a free quote for your Agile Squad.

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IT Outsourcing

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Staff Augmentation, also known as Time & Material or traditional Outsourcing, is a form of temporary hiring of resources that consists of adding additional personnel to the company’s staff. The key is that the staff is provided by a company, considered as a specialist and strategic partner, on which the assigned workers depend. This option is usually chosen to fill highly specialised positions on a temporary basis.

We want the client to pay only for the service received. Hence, the resources will carry out their tasks remotely and will complete a daily timesheet. Thus, only the hours actually worked will be remunerated.

Use our calculator to get a free quote for your  traditional Outsourcing.

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Benefits of hiring our services

You will maintain fluid and constant communication with our professionals.

You will always be informed of the status of the project through our online platform, dailies by slack, weeklies by videoconferences, monthly reports.

You can get involved by sharing your opinions, comments and suggestions.

You will create a long-term relationship with our team.

You will get a technological product of the highest quality.

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