Outsourcing de recursos IT

Increase the productivity of your company and reduce costs with Outsourcing of IT professionals

Without minimum hiring or permanence. You will only pay the hours actually worked, being able to take care of the most strategic responsibilities of your business.

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The need to digitalise companies in part accelerated as a result of the pandemic has made it difficult for many companies to find good professionals, especially in the field of technology.

For this reason, many IT leaders are turning to Staff Augmentation as the best solution, as it allows them to quickly integrate key specialised staff into their teams, adding more expertise and increasing the speed of delivery of their projects, which reduces the risks and costs associated with traditional in-house staffing.

Staff Augmentation, also known as Time & Material or traditional Outsourcing, is a form of temporary hiring of resources that consists of adding additional personnel to the company’s staff. The key is that the staff is provided by a company, considered as a specialist and strategic partner, on which the assigned workers depend. This option is usually chosen to fill highly specialised positions on a temporary basis.

The client will be provided with a report of the tasks performed and the hours spent, and usually weekly or fortnightly meetings will be held to follow up the project. If necessary, due to a complex technology or a high number of professionals, a project manager will be assigned to coordinate the work.


Benefits of hiring IT outsourcing

Some of the most in-demand profiles are:

  • Project Manager / Tech Leader
  • Back end developer (Node.js, Php, Python, .Net, Java, and others)
  • Front end developer (React.js, Angular, Vue.js, Ionic, and others)
  • Mobile Developer (Android and IOS)
  • Devops
  • CTO as a service

Service features

We do not require minimum hiring nor permanence

both for resources with part-time and full-time availability.

100% remotely

The work is done 100% remotely, so it does not require physical space in your facilities.

Project Manager

We assign a Project Manager to the project as a reference and general coordinator, who is in charge of controlling the normal performance of the hired professionals.

Effective hours

We only consider the hours actually worked (holidays, vacations or absences are on our own).


We offer the best price-quality ratio in the European and American market, with professionals of the highest level of performance.

Guaranteed quality

We guarantee the quality of our professionals and replace immediately and free of charge any resource that does not meet your expectations.

Feel free to reach out

Tell us what resources you need and we will prepare a proposal

Recruitment Process


Defining the Required Profile

  • Professional skills (technologies, seniority, soft skills)
  • Availability (part or full time)
  • Estimated hiring term


Search and Selection

We pre-select candidates within our staff or hire them exclusively for the project.


Evaluation and Availability

After interviewing and evaluating potential candidates, we introduce them to you so you can make the final decision.

Daily Work Cycle


Monthly Closure

Hours Report >

Based on the daily recordings of hours, we present to you a report with the tasks done and the time spent day by day, resource by resource, project by project, so that you have a detailed control of our work.

Approval >

You will be able to check that the total amount of hours of the report matches your internal records.

Billing >

We proceed to bill the approved hours.

Service Guarantees

  • We have more than one interview and do performance tests before hiring a new resource. In this way, we can guarantee his/her knowledge and professional performance.
  • The same NDA that we sign with you is signed by each resource that works with us.
  • The Project Manager assigned to the project helps to coordinate the work between the different hired resources to facilitate the administration.
  • We ensure a minimum of 5 hours (generally 7) of time coincidence with the rest of the project team.
  • You can expand or reduce the number of hired resources with just 1 week’s notice.
  • We will replace in 1 week time any resource that, in your opinion, has not performed as expected.
  • The monthly amount of hours dedicated by the resources is adapted to the workload of each sprint.

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