About us

We formed a company for custom software development services, dedicated agile teams and temporary outsourcing of IT resources, with headquarter in Spain and factory in LATAM.
We know how to work as a team and we know the problems that technology companies face and how to solve them.
We provide support to consulting colleagues, startups and companies with a strong technological base.



To be a well known technology company benchmark that develops specialized and innovative computer products and services of the highest quality, with the purpose of helping companies achieve their technology goals.



To provide the market with high-quality software products, either by offering our qualified professionals or developing specialized products and services that improve the quality of life or contribute to the operational efficiency of its users.



  • PROFESSIONALISM in the work carried out, in such a way the client TRUSTS in our technical capacity.
  • TEAMWORK to achieve success, putting empathy and solidarity first with all its members.
  • Being EFFICIENT in processes and EFFECTIVE with results.
  • INNOVATION must be a characteristic that differentiates us from the rest, so we always have to stay at the forefront of technological advances.
  • All this leads to QUALITY, not only in the products developed and the services provided, but also in the humane treatment, prioritizing the quality of life and the well-being of its members.

Our Team

We are a company that offers its services empathizing with the client and the project that they entrusted on us. To comply with this, we have a team that is multidisciplinary, experienced and passionate about technology, whose priority is quality and commitment to the client.

  • Management Department: composed of product owners and scrum masters.
  • Architecture Department: architects and technical leaders with expertise in different technologies.
  • Infrastructure Department: devops with extensive experience in the Cloud.
  • More than 40 developers specialized in the main technologies on the market.