Everything you need to know about IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing
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We talk about IT Outsourcing when it is decided to hire an external company with its own professionals and infrastructure to develop the tasks related to information technology. If you need to subcontract for the management of the IT area of your company or subcontract processes in particular – namely: development, web design, architecture and hardware infrastructure – we’ll tell you what you should know before making a final decision:

What is the Outsourcing modality?

The IT Outsourcing modality consists of temporarily outsourcing a team of experts in technology or certain profiles of the IT sector. You can continue to focus on the main activity of your business.

You pay only for the service received. Professionals carry out their work remotely or locally and complete a daily hour report; thus, you only pay for the hours worked.

What are the types of Outsourcing?

At MyTaskPanel Consulting, we offer two types of Outsourcing:

  1. If you need to add professionals to your team for a new project, you just have to tell us what is the technological stack you need, how many resources do you need, with which knowledge and for how long. We take care of putting you in contact with them. A report of the tasks carried out and the hours taken will be made, and in general, weekly or fortnightly meetings will be held to monitor the project. If necessary, due to too complex technology or a high number of professionals, a project manager will be assigned to coordinate the work.
  2. Instead of handing over the professionals directly to you, we provide a team to cover a certain number of hours per week in a service mode. It will be made up of several professionals who will be dedicated to solving the tasks assigned by the client’s manager and managed by the team leader we select. This type of work is more appropriate when you do not know for sure how many professionals you will need, for how long or in what technologies.

What profiles can you request under this modality?

The offer of professionals is quite wide and covers different areas of information technology. Among the profiles that most demand us, we cite:

  1. Project Manager
  2. Back end developer (Node.js, Php, Python, .Net, Ruby and others)
  3. Front end developer (React.js, Angular, Vue.js, Ember.js and others)
  4. Mobile Developer (Android and IOS)
  5. Full Stack Developer
  6. SRE – Devops

Now that you have the information to decide if IT Outsourcing is what you need, we encourage you to consult us whenever you want. Relying on technology experts to keep energies in the strategic part of your company could make a difference.


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