The 5 most demanded IT profiles in 2021

most demanded IT profiles
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If you have come this far, it is because you want to know which are the most valuable technology profiles for the operation of an organization. At MyTaskPanel Consulting, we know the needs of technology-based companies and startups and we work with them. For this reason, we had the ability to perform an analysis and define the 5 most demanded IT profiles in 2021.

Project Manager

1- Project Manager

The project manager is in charge of fulfilling the stages of the projects and achieving the objectives proposed in common in the work team. He is dedicated to organizing, planning, defining and controlling resources, both material and human. Depending on the methodology you use, this role has different names and its functions vary slightly, but deep down he is still responsible for the good performance of the team and the fulfillment of the project objectives.

Full Stack Developer

2- Full Stack Developer

The full stack developer has a complete technical profile. He knows both the back end and the front end well and has knowledge of server and system architecture. He is a comprehensive programmer, capable of being responsible for a project. It is required in more than one language, but mainly in Node.js, .Net, Java, PHP, and several different front end frameworks.

IOS/Android Developer

3- IOS/Android Developer

The iOS/Android developer is dedicated to developing applications for mobile devices, native or multiplatform, both for Android systems and for iOS systems. Various technologies and programming languages are used (Java, Swift, Xamarin, Flutter, Ionic, React Native).

Devops Engineer

4- Devops Engineer

DevOps is a software development methodology based on the integration between developers and system administrators, which allows developers to focus only on developing and deploying their code in seconds. The Devops Engineer is the one who makes sure this is possible. It is a highly demanded profile given the current architectural complexity and the high availability required by the systems.

Analista Big Data

5- Big Data Analyst

The Big Data analyst is in charge of establishing strategies within a company, thanks to the interpretation of the data. Therefore, he has to know how to collect data while analyzing it statistically.

At the end of the note, we tell you that at MyTaskPanel Consulting we have the most demanded IT profiles in 2021 available, mentioned above. Remember that you can consult us without any commitment.


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