The 3 benefits of hiring an agile squad

agile squad
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In short, an agile squad is a small, autonomous and multidisciplinary work team that carries out one or more projects, using agile methodologies, such as Scrum or Kanban. It is the evolution of the classic time & material outsourcing modality and has several advantages over the latter. Next, we will comment on those benefits.

Multidisciplinary team

The agile squad is a multidisciplinary team that generally includes:

  • Team Manager: team leader, he ensures that the final result meets what is expected and works as the main contact with the product owner that you propose.
  • Tech leader: if the architectural complexity requires it, this figure will be in charge of ensuring the technical quality of the team through code reviews, code merge, git flow administration, etc.
  • UX Designer (if necessary): in charge of creating the requested product, interpreting your idea and vision to define them digitally.
  • One or more developers: experts who cover all the technologies that are necessary for the development of the project.
  • QA analyst or tester: responsible for testing the created application and implementing and maintaining the most efficient testing practices.

Independence and Autonomy

The agile squad is dedicated exclusively to the customer and has full autonomy to make decisions about development, architecture, implementation processes, and quality controls. Even if necessary, you can decide to change the configuration of the equipment to cover some technological aspect without considering it in the beginning.

Agility above all

This is a convenient advantage, especially for companies that require the flexibility and speed provided by an agile methodology, since internally the squad uses Scrum (or some adaptation or alternative) to organize the sprints and decide, together with the product owner, what could be built in the next iteration.

In short, the aforementioned benefits of hiring an agile squad are a clear sample of experience, agility and efficiency to achieve the projects you imagine. At MyTaskPanel Consulting, we usually manage projects through this modality. We have the appropriate professionals to form the team that your company needs.


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