Python and its use cases

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Increasingly used for various projects, Python is a programming language that allows you to work quickly and integrate systems more efficiently. This time, we are talking about this dynamic and multiplatform language: Python and its use cases.

When to choose Python

  • In Data Science and Machine Learning projects. The best libraries to work with data and AI (artificial intelligence) are in Python and the community is huge.
  • For RAD (rapid application development) web applications when you need to get to the market fast. It has excellent frameworks, such as Django, Flask, FastApi and others. For this reason and many others, it is frequently used in startups.
  • In APIs or different types of web services.
  • For Scrapping projects. It has appropriate, solid and complete libraries for these cases and even frameworks like Scrapy.
  • In desktop applications. Most of Linux apps are made with Python.
  • For Networking.
  • For automation of tasks and processes.

When is it convenient to avoid it

  • For mobile applications. Although it has libraries for this, it is not very used at the moment. It should also be added that there are projects that are porting cPython (the main Python implementation) to Android, such as the BeeWare project.
  • To develop on Windows. Although it does not have the best support, an improvement is expected thanks to the incorporation of Guido Van Rossum, the creator of Python, into Microsoft.

Our latest developments with Python

Among several completed projects, at MyTaskPanel Consulting we use this technology to:

  • Our MyTaskPanel project management software, with Django, Django-rest-framework and Ember.js. A platform with a high response, very fast, was achieved.
  • A shipping geolocation platform, with a complex scrapping process.
  • A ChatBot. It was migrated to modern development with Django, Django-rest-framework, Django-channels for WebSockets (real-time communication) and React.js.

Summarizing Python and its use cases, we want to highlight the dynamics and the diverse and more complete libraries that it has. We remind you that in MyTaskPanel Consulting you can find qualified professionals in this technology.


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