The 4 most used programming languages for products

most used programming languages
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If your intention is to get a digital product to launch on the market and have the possibility of scaling after its first version, you should know which are the most used programming languages for products. Today we will share the four technologies we prefer at MyTaskPanel Consulting.

Node.js with frameworks like Express.js, Nest.js or others

Node.js offers the possibility of using a 100% Javascript stack, a reality that will allow you to save costs.

Advantages of Node.js

  • Javascript on the back end and the front end.
  • Easy to learn
  • Its asynchronism. The possibility to handle multiple requests on the web.
  • Its ability to communicate in real time.
  • Very good performance.

Python with frameworks like Django, Flask, FastAPI or others

Python uses RAD web frameworks, like Django, in addition to having a huge machine learning community. If your project requires machine learning, Python may be your best option: it has many libraries and the community is huge.

Python advantages:

  • Easiness of usability and readability of the code.
  • Abundance of libraries for multiple needs.
  • Large user base.
  • Frameworks that allow you to develop new features very quickly.

.Net with WebApi or MVC

.Net is the most appropriate alternative when you are working with Enterprise or when your company works with all Microsoft tools.

Advantages of .Net

  • Multiplatform (with .Net core). Running on macOS, Linux, and Windows.
  • Very good performance.
  • The best alternative to work with Microsoft tools.

PHP with frameworks like Laravel or Symfony

PHP is improved in each new version and has a community of more than 20 years. It is easy to integrate and has quantities of CMS (WordPress, Prestashop, Drupal, etc.) widely used in the market.

Advantages of PHP

  • A huge community.
  • Many libraries to speed up development.
  • Variety of frameworks to develop small or medium applications quickly with Laravel or framework to develop more complex applications with Symfony.
  • Easy to learn.

Important factors to choose

  • Security: it is advisable to work with the latest versions and LTS versions that are supported.
  • Speed and scalability: depending on the project, this point can be essential when choosing the programming language.
  • Team: if your team already has experience with one of the aforementioned technologies.
  • Community and documentation: If the programming language does not have a significant community, solving day-to-day problems can be a challenge.

From this, our list of the most used programming languages for products, you can select the ideal technology for your particular case. Take into account the strengths of each one and the reasons for choosing one or the other. At MyTaskPanel Consulting, we have a team of professionals who are experts in these and other languages. Consult us without any commitment.


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