Main back end technologies for web development

back end technologies
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We imagine that if you are reading this it is because you need to choose between many back end technologies for the web development of your next project. What better way to end the year with a final decision? In this post, we help you take the best path based on your needs and the project.

Javascript with Node.js

It allows rapid development, minimizes overhead costs (it is used for both the front end and the back end) and is conceived as a minimalist technology, since it has small libraries. Big companies that use Node.js are: Netflix, Candy Crush, Facebook.

Python and Ruby

Both of them are for creating quick applications. Ruby on Rails, the Ruby framework par excellence, works to develop RAD applications and is one of the most used by startups. It is productive and stable, it has many libraries and a very important community in the testing part. Some examples of systems made with this technology: Twitter, AirBnB, Github, Basecamp and Shopify.

Python, meanwhile, has Django to make quick applications. Quite easy to learn and program, it has numerous libraries. Thanks to the simplicity of its administration panel, it is possible to create a crud/abm in a very short time. Python is used to work with machine learning and the Internet of things. Some systems created with this technology: Instagram, Spotify, The Washington Post, Eventbrite, Dropbox and Discuss.


As we have commented in another article, its most important frameworks are Laravel and Symfony. PHP is a language that was born for the web and has grown a lot since the latest versions. Useful for developing a minimum viable product (MVP) of a startup, it has a large community and many valuable frameworks and libraries to work with. It has been used to create WordPress, Yahoo and Wikipedia, among other well-known systems.


Valued in the enterprise world. Java has the Spring framework which is the most used. Highly scalable, it is characterized by being multi-threaded (multi-threaded web server) and having open source libraries and maximum security. It’s cross-platform – it runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Today, it is widely used to develop microservices, since it contains many tools that facilitate development.


Also widely used in the enterprise world, at first it was quite linked to Windows. But, since the last few years, it’s become cross-platform: it can run on Windows, Linux and Mac.


You can use this technology to develop microservices and Api Rest, among others. With a very large community, today it is used a lot, because it has a high performance and is not as complicated to develop as C or C ++, since it contains a garbage collector and helps a lot when developing. When speed is needed and time is important, Go may be the best option.

In short, these are the main back end technologies for web development. In all cases, as they are popular languages, there is a huge community behind that allows no problems when it comes to finding solutions. At MyTaskPanel Consulting, we have the best developers to help you with any of these technologies.


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