The 4 most used Node.js frameworks

most used Node.js frameworks
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Using a framework allows you to streamline development processes, since it avoids having to write code repetitively, ensures good practices and code consistency. In this post, we share with you the list of the most used Node.js frameworks.

But first, what is Node.js?

In a nutshell, Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment, based on a non-blocking, event-driven architecture to help developers build robust distributed applications. Open source and cross-platform, it is used to develop server applications.

5 reasons to choose Node.js

  • Speed. It is quite fast compared to other similar technologies.
  • Adaptability. It is intended for the web, but is also useful for console applications, desktop applications, robotics, and the Internet of Things. There is almost no project where Node.js cannot be used.
  • Asynchrony. It allows handling multiple requests on the web.
  • Its ability to communicate in real time.
  • Its ability to integrate into different stacks (sets of technologies). As an example, we cite the famous MERN stack made up of Mongodb, Node.js, Express.js (back end framework for Node) and Reactjs on the front end. Thus, a 100% Javascript stack is achieved and costs are unified with a full stack developer.

When is it advisable to avoid it?

It is best to leave Node.js aside when you have to work with a lot of CPU processing.

Node.js has the event loop which is responsible for implementing asynchronous or non-blocking operations. The event loop runs on the only thread that exists in Node.js; if that thread is blocked, the event loop will be blocked. For this reason, if you have to do data processing or heavy CPU work, Node.js is not the way to go.

These are its most used Node.js frameworks:


This is the most well-known framework used by Node.js developers. Minimalist and with a fairly simple learning curve, it has a very complete ecosystem to execute what you need, with the functionalities separated into different modules.

It is used, among other uses, for:

  • Developing REST APIs that are used to communicate with client applications.
  • Creating traditional MVC applications.


Similar to Express.js, it was born at Walmart to handle traffic at events like the famous Black Friday and its main objective is to support numerous requests. Its fame is due to its high performance. The developer community believes that Hapi is robust and reliable, because it was able to successfully manage millions of shopping transactions at Walmart during Black Friday.

Solid and complete, with many libraries available, it is used for:

  • Same projects as Express.js, but is more focused on getting developers to focus on writing application logic.
  • High performance applications.


This is a more modern framework that uses Typescript and is influenced by Angular. Designed for current development and optimized to work with architectures and clean code, it is constituted in a decoupled way, by modules. It also has an important community that is growing by leaps and bounds.

It is useful for:

  • Performing REST APIs services.
  • Creating MVC services.
  • Working with hexagonal architecture or other complex architecture.


Ideal for developers linked to Django, Rails, Laravel, etc., it provides an important variety of functions so that you can concentrate only on developing the project and save time by avoiding the installation of specific libraries.

Designed for:

  • Developing more complex projects that need numerous features, since it comes with “batteries included”.

Our latest developments with Node.js

Among several completed projects, at MyTaskPanel Consulting we use Node.js for:

  • A platform for bars and restaurants (Horefy), which offers online payments and orders, and digital menus. We worked with Node.js, Express.js as a framework, MySql as a database and React.js as a framework in the frontend, with libraries such as Redux-saga.
  • The maintenance of a shipping geolocation platform (Global Candace). Sails.js was used as the framework and React.js in the frontend.

So far we have come with our list of the most used Node.js frameworks. Hoping that you have resolved your doubts in this regard, we invite you to contact us and tell us what your project is. At MyTaskPanel Consulting we have expert professionals who can help you.


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