Xamarin or React Native: which one to choose for cross-platform applications

Xamarin or React Native
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While both frameworks are free, open source platforms, both of them have distinct advantages. Xamarin or React Native. In this post, we tell you what they are and what benefits they have, to help you choose the best framework for your cross-platform application.

What is React Native and what is it for?

React Native is a framework for developing cross-platform mobile applications. That is, it can run on multiple platforms (iOS, Android and Windows).

Developed in 2015, this technology allows developers to take advantage of the JavaScript and React libraries to build mobile apps, using native UI components.

What is Xamarin?

Like React Native, we know Xamarin as a tool for developing cross-platform native apps, with unified and branded user experiences.

Many developers like Xamarin because it’s an easy transition that helps them build robust applications, using the C# programming language that runs on the .NET Common Language Infrastructure.

Xamarin or React Native

In a nutshell, these are the two reference frameworks for creating mobile applications. But when it comes to choosing between the two, there is a question developers need to consider: do they prefer to use JavaScript or C#? Those who prefer JavaScript are probably better off using React Native. But if C# is your programming language of choice, Xamarin is often the best option.

Since both frameworks are viable alternatives for developing cross-platform applications, it is useful to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each side by side:

Availability and cost

  • React Native is extremely flexible. It allows developers to choose their preferred IDE and is free (including all of its libraries).
  • Xamarin offers a free version, although it doesn’t have as many resources as React Native.


  • React Native uses JavaScript, one of the most popular and commonly used programming languages.
  • Xamarin uses the C# programming language and the .NET framework. It is heavily supported by Microsoft and provides developers with a robust set of tools including native platform integration, debuggers, and a rich editor.

Development environment

  • React Native’s Live Reload feature makes it easy to see the effects of any code changes in real time; this offers a considerable advantage in terms of time management. The Hot Reload feature of this framework helps keep the app running, even if developers inject new versions of files.
  • Xamarin has what many developers consider a much friendlier development environment, allowing them to write code designed specifically for iPhone apps on Windows, compiled for Mac. This framework also uses Visual Studio or XCode IDE to develop Mac apps, which are easier to use than React Native.

Community support

  • React Native ranks as the 6th most popular development framework on the market and as the 3rd most searched framework.
  • Xamarin was voted 10th most popular and 11th in the most searched category.

Xamarin or React Native? In the end, the best way to know which framework is right for cross-platform application development is to consult with a software development specialist. Remember that at MyTaskPanel we can help you make the best decision.


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