The most popular PHP frameworks to use in 2022

PHP frameworks

If you plan to face technological development for the web, PHP is a good option. Today we recommend a list of the most popular PHP frameworks. You know what you will do and what you need, but haven’t decided on which technology yet? If that’s the case, read on and find the answer before we start 2022.


This is the technology par excellence to carry out RAD applications.

Some of its main advantages are:

  • Its huge community.
  • Very good documentation.
  • It allows fast developments.
  • It is the most used PHP framework today.

Laravel has many official packages, maintained by the same creators, that allow you to perform different actions quickly. For example, it has a package called Socialite, to do OAUTH or social login authentications, and another package that is used to handle payments on the Internet quickly with Stripe.

Recently, an official package, called Laravel Octane, came out. According to its own documentation, it improves the performance, serving the application with high-powered servers such as Swoole and RoadRunner, which are the ones it supports. In short, it works to improve Laravel performance with these libraries. This means that, for only this time, they execute the application, load it in memory and, then in each request, they use that app that is in memory, avoiding that in each request the whole framework is reloaded.


It is made up of different components, which makes it the main PHP framework, since several frameworks use its components. Laravel, for example, is one of them.

Its main advantages are:

  • Following the best practices in the market.
  • It is more focused on the development of business applications.
  • Supporting many databases.
  • The community is huge.
  • It offers many packages to install.

Designed especially for applications that last over time and for Enterprise applications, it can also be used for other types of systems.


It is one of the most used frameworks today. Currently, the community is developing Yii3, with great advances and important changes. This latest version is similar to Symfony, as it is also component-based, in addition to following good development practices and respecting the PHP standards (the PSRs). For production, Yii2 is recommended, as Yii3 is not ready for a productive application, such as developing RAD systems, among other developments. It has a large and active community.

Láminas project

Before, it was called Zend framework and it was the official framework of the company Zend (the company behind PHP). Therefore, we could say that it was the “official” PHP framework. The name change is due to Zend leaving the project; now the person in charge is the Open Source community.

Láminas project is a framework that has been widely used in companies for a long time.


It is true that there are other valuable frameworks in the community, such as CakePhp and Phalcon, although the market is divided, for the most part, between Laravel and Symfony.

There are also some microframeworks, such as Slim, which are widely used for simple Api Rest or microservices. However, today, we could say that Laravel and Symfony are enough.

In the case of Symfony, when we want to create a new application, we have the possibility to start with a microframework or with the whole traditional complete set. This is quite useful, since, depending on our project, we can select one option or the other. And, in the case of Laravel, there is a micro version called Lumen, a microframework for developing simple APIs, microservices, etc.

What to look for in a PHP framework?

  • Good documentation
  • Easiness to use
  • Matching the personal way of programming
  • Good practice management
  • Large community in size and commitment

PHP is growing a lot, it has been modernized in recent years and is a great language for web application development. From it, frameworks/libraries have been born that follow the philosophy of Node.js; they allow you to create applications following the event-driven programming pattern, with high performance. They are scalable and support different protocols, such as tcp, http, and web sockets. They are frameworks/libraries designed for the modern web; they are not yet as popular as Laravel or Symfony, but they will be getting noticed a lot more every time. Some examples can be Ract php, Swoole and Workerman. Although they are growing, they still do not have the market share of the other more famous frameworks.

So far we have come up with the most popular PHP frameworks to use in 2022. In short, the choice of technology will depend on the type of project and the needs you have. Simplify your work and reach out to us without any obligation.

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