Everything you need to know about custom software development

custom software development
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Since we work with this service daily and we understand what its values are, we answer some fundamental questions when deciding whether custom software development is what you need.

What does custom software imply?

Custom software implies the resolution of a problem to a particular need of a company, through the design and creation of a digital tool. We offer the possibility of automating a specific process of a company for each case.

The aim of this kind of software is to positively impact the productivity and profits of the company.

Characteristics of this type of development

At MyTaskPanel Consulting, we have developments with the following points in common:

  • We usually start working with two possibilities. In the first one, the client transmits his need or problem to us and our team is in charge of estimating and making a proposal. In the second one, the client comments on what he needs, but without too much precision. We take care of analyzing the case and helping you put together a “technical backlog” and then create a development proposal based on that analysis.
  • Once the budget and proposal are approved, we organize the project following the agile philosophy. We define the sprints and, in each iteration, we complete the backlog of pending tasks to be developed. Likewise, we coordinate with the client the delivery dates and communication channels, adapting to his preferences.
  • We form a team of professionals with different roles (project managers, architects, developers, analysts, testers, etc.) to work on the project. This team is executing the tasks and making the deliveries already scheduled in each iteration.
  • During the project, we comment on the progress on a daily basis in a written report. Thus, the client finds out what is happening. It is also frequent to organize a weekly meeting to discuss the tasks which were already carried out and those which are pending execution, therefore, giving visibility to all stakeholders. In case of any kind of problem, we deal with it in dailies or in ad hoc meetings.

Benefits of a custom system development

This type of service offers the following advantages:

  • The client knows from the beginning what the price of the development will be, since it is a closed budget.
  • A specific and exclusive application or system is achieved for the company that hires another one.
  • Personalized attention is provided with full transparency throughout the agile development cycle.
  • By using an agile methodology, adaptability and speed of reaction to changes is achieved.

When is developing custom software worth it?

Custom software is beneficial when your company has a specific need in the daily work process. Otherwise, if the requirement of a tool is linked to a common activity of all businesses in the same field, the most convenient thing is to use off-the-shelf software (a generic tool).

When the off-the-shelf product is not enough, either because your company is differentiating itself in some way from the other ones or because it is positioning itself in the market, the best way is to resort to custom software.

In conclusion, custom software development is the best option to obtain a product or system that meets a particular need or solves a problem in the day-to-day work of your company. It should be an investment for which you obtain a return of benefits in the performance and productivity of the business. At MyTaskPanel Consulting, we have the best professionals to put together a team that adapts to your ideas and responds with the result you need.


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