The Java programming language: benefits, features and most popular framework

lenguaje de programación Java
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In this opportunity, we tell you what you need to know about the Java programming language. Read on and discover its features and benefits, as well as its most popular framework.

What is Java and what are its benefits?

Java is one of the most popular programming languages for developing business systems and web applications. Its main virtue lies in the power and robustness of the language and the wide community that supports it, portability and scalability.

Java programming language features

1. Stable language

Being a highly stable programming language, Java is chosen by large companies around the world who want a reliable technology for their projects. Due to its reliability and credibility, leading companies incorporate it to ensure that the customer experience is as expected.

2. Scalability

As a highly scalable language, Java offers traffic management capabilities unrivaled by any other language. This scalability has made it a reliable technology for business development. It provides a set of functionalities that allows the development of dynamic and interactive web applications.

3. High level of security

It has built-in security features that make it easy for businesses to properly protect their data. We can highlight, among other features, advanced authentication, access controls, encryption and SQL injections. Additionally, Java has functions to integrate security policies, digital signatures, and encryption.

4. Compatibility with various libraries

In Java, there are hundreds of libraries that support the development of enterprise applications. These libraries allow you to add features and functionality of various kinds, including: Google Guava, iText, Protocol Buffers, and XStream. In addition, there is a rich set of APIs and development tools that make it easy for developers to add features that would not otherwise be possible.

5. Mobile development

Java works very well with the Android ecosystem for building mobile applications. For this reason, more and more companies are choosing this programming language for the development of native Android applications.

6. Portability

It is the ease with which software can be executed on different computer platforms, depending as little as possible on its execution environment and without implementing the particularities of a specific machine or system. It does this by compiling to code that runs in a Java “virtual machine.” Therefore, it can run in both Windows and Linux environments.

Spring: the most popular framework of the Java programming language

Being released in 2003, under the Apache 2.0 license, Spring is an open source framework, belonging to Java. It became the most popular choice for creating high-performance, lightweight, and reusable code. Its objective is to standardize, streamline, manage and solve problems that may arise during programming.

Benefits of using Spring

  • It is an MVC web framework that offers a good alternative to web frameworks such as Struts or other less popular web frameworks.
  • It has templates for different technologies; We can highlight the following: JDBC, Hibernate and JPA. This simplifies the work in the basic steps.
  • It is a versatile framework: it is divided into different modules and each of them can help you for different needs.
  • It allows separating logging, auditing, declarative transactions, security and caching, from business logic through AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming).
  • It provides an API to translate technology-specific exceptions, such as those generated by JDBC, Hibernate, or JDO, into consistent, unchecked exceptions.
  • It provides a consistent transaction management interface, which can be reduced to a local transaction and extended to global transactions.
  • It has Spring-security, which manages the security of web services in a simple way, from the security protocol to the roles that users need to access the different resources of the application.

The Java programming language is backed by a large community that provides ongoing support. Without a doubt, it is the technology that companies use to create, modify and migrate their business applications. At MyTaskPanel Consulting, we have the best professionals with experience in Java.


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