These are the technological trends for 2023

technological trends for 2023
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Although they all already exist and are known by those who are part of the digital world, it never hurts to remember the main utilities and the current situation of each one. In this note, we tell you about the five technological trends for 2023 and the coming years.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to grow

There is no doubt how much AI has grown in recent months, and it is a reality that is already within the reach of more public and that will become increasingly common in the following years. We use intelligent algorithms when we shop online, search the Internet, decide how we spend time, organize our schedules, and carry out countless day-to-day tasks.

AI algorithms have a significant learning capacity. Recently, it’s also been possible to take advantage of its creative power to create new content (to produce images, sounds or written text). Although Artificial Intelligence will inevitably lead to the disappearance of some jobs, other positions will emerge to replace them.

At MyTaskPanel Consulting, we have used AI, one of the technological trends for 2023, in the following projects:

  • IDNotarial System (Croowly): it allows reading and interpreting deeds to deduce and draw conclusions about specific information, such as the powers of each proxy that appears in the document.
  • Project that will serve to automatically categorize movies and television series with tags, without having to read the synopsis.

2. The Metaverse that unites worlds

Simply put, the metaverse blurs the lines between the physical and digital worlds, between physical and virtual reality. This means that it makes it possible to modify or affect the real world while we are in virtual space. For example, through a certain tool, we can appreciate how a specific piece of furniture would look before buying it.

Currently, there is no single platform that applies this technology; all the big companies are competing to prevail against the rest. The path that the metaverse will take, how it will be implemented and consolidated in the market in the near future, is not yet well defined.

However, there are already many companies that use it to improve their products, give another brand image or connect with their consumers. New ways we access, experience, and interact with cross-brand content include helmets, smart glasses, and even full-body haptic feedback* suits.

3. The value of digital replicas

These are the well-known digital twins, which are used to carry out tests and simulations. Before a new product or update is developed in the real world, it is carried out in the digital world to see how effective it will be.

Digital replicas allow you to change components in the virtual world until they are optimized, get more accurate products and achieve the best version in the real world. This completely changes the way to improve business processes, enhance their efficiency and exponentially save costs in sectors such as construction, aeronautics, healthcare or education, among others.

4. Blockchain gains trust (one of the technological trends for 2023)

With blockchain technology and its decentralized model, it is possible to speed up the verification process of operations, prevent fraud and cyberattacks, and build trust between the parties. This is so because the final control of an intermediary is removed and the data is stored in an encrypted and more secure way.

This technology is not only used for cryptocurrencies. Through smart contracts (blockchain programs), it is possible to make payments, change the management structure, implement new rules and regulations or change the name of the organization.

In the coming months and years, we will see more and more companies adopt the Blockchain to protect their digital assets and their users.

5. The intelligence of the Internet of Things

Today, it is quite common to find smart devices, appliances, tools and applications. Watches, coats, socks, t-shirts and other clothing and accessories that are used to obtain relevant data and use it to achieve improvements. In the world of sports, the Internet of Things (IoT) is used to measure performance and find opportunities for improvement.

Thanks to technological advances, the IoT will become easier and easier to implement. This will enable a wider variety of businesses to benefit from your applications.

*Haptic feedback is a concept that refers to a type of tactile communication, which generally works with a vibration pattern.

Are you interested in working with any of these technological trends for 2023 and building a major project? Remember that at MyTaskPanel Consulting we have the best professionals to help you develop the product you need.


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