Why it is a good option to hire IT outsourcing services

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At a time when the 3A (Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere) Revolution is gaining more and more weight, going to a technology-savvy company may be the smartest way to launch new projects. Do you still have doubts? Read the main reasons for hiring IT outsourcing services.

5 reasons to hire outsourcing services

1. Higher quality

Currently, 67% of companies have a real problem finding qualified employees and the global average to find technology talent is 49 days. In this situation, using an external provider may be the fastest and most effective solution. The hired professionals will have the necessary knowledge and experience to carry out a technological project and ensure the desired quality.

On many occasions, hiring certain profiles can be a complex challenge. A company specialized in technology will provide you with the right professional according to the needs of your company and the project.

2. Higher performance and productivity

In these times, 9 out of 10 software development companies surveyed say they have been affected by a lack of talent. Likewise, of the total of those surveyed, 33% have a personnel deficit of 30%. Faced with this reality, a company specialized in IT outsourcing services could allow them access to qualified professionals and reduce the time of selection, hiring and training of personnel. They gain productivity and get better performance.

3. Focus on what's important

Today, 57% of software companies take between 1 month and 3 months to find the right technical specialist. And only 5%, less than 2 weeks. To avoid this time, the best option is to resort to technological outsourcing. It will allow you to focus from the beginning on strategic and decisive activities for the business, dedicate yourself to your main tasks and save time and resources in areas that are not essential for the development of the company.

4. Greater business flexibility

There are more and more companies that take little time to get new projects for their workers and that even need new professionals to cover the execution of tasks. With the right provider of IT outsourcing services, they will be much more prepared for technological and market changes.

Most likely, they will have to make significant investments to stay current and maintain a competitive position in the market, in addition to serving the needs of their customers. These investments can be reduced and rationalized if you decide to outsource part of the technological services to a specialized company.

5. Better margins

Appealing to outsourcing will allow you to save costs related to infrastructure and hiring technology professionals and, therefore, save costs. This way you will reduce possible financial and labor risks.

By reducing costs in selection, hiring and training tasks, your company will have more resources to invest in technological innovation and start new projects. This will facilitate positioning in a better place within the market.


Hiring IT outsourcing services entails several advantages for the company, although choosing just any provider is not enough. It is important to choose the one that understands your needs (both strategic and technological) and knows how to adapt to your times regardless of distances. At MyTaskPanel Consulting we are prepared to offer you a service with the quality and flexibility you need, do not hesitate to contact us.


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