The best programming languages to learn

lenguajes de programación para aprender
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Before learning a programming language, it is important to investigate if it is aligned with the vision you want to achieve and to consider its usefulness. Today we bring the list with the best programming languages to learn.


Currently, it is a widely used language and is integrated into various applications. Javascript runs natively in any browser, so you don’t need to compile it, just a notepad to get started. It has a syntax similar to that of other languages, such as C, C++, Java or C#. It is used for web development (back end) and IoT applications, among other uses.


  • Easy.
  • Multiple possible applications.
  • Multi platform.
  • Standard.
  • Gateway to other technologies.


  • Weakly typed.
  • More complex to detect logical bugs.


Used in web and desktop applications, Python has increased in popularity in recent years thanks to being the most widely used language in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. This dynamic technology supports object-oriented, procedural, and functional programming.

In addition, it is an open source language and, like Java, it has a large community. Due to its flexibility and versatility, it is highly recommended for beginners.


  • Simple syntax.
  • Possibility of fast advance.
  • Great community.


  • Not the best option for mobile applications.


Nowadays, this technology is one of the most widely used in the world due to the multiple applications and tools it offers. It is known as an open source language that allows you to create stable and high-performance web pages. One of the most used for its possibilities and versatility, it is highly demanded in the labor market due to the large number of websites that use it.


  • Compatible with the main databases, such as MySQL or Oracle.
  • Easy to learn, very intuitive.
  • Lots of material available to create advanced features.
  • Important development community.


  • Vulnerable. To ensure website security, you will need a lot of knowledge to configure server security holes.
  • Dependent on a hosting to be executed on the Internet.


It focuses on wearing comfort and productivity. This programming language is easy to use and has a syntax similar to Python. Ruby can be used for a variety of programming paradigms (object-oriented, functional, and procedural). Also, the Ruby on Rails framework simplifies the use of Ruby to build and deliver web applications to users.


  • Almost flat learning curve.
  • Great speed of web application development.
  • Fast results.


  • Smaller community compared to other languages.


So far we come with the list of the best programming languages to learn. It is always preferable to start with a language that has a good community and a significant number of support programs to allow for a seamless learning experience. At MyTaskPanel Consulting, we have professional experts in the technologies mentioned above.


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