Frontend and backend: definition, utilities and differences

frontend and backend
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In the world of software development, while the frontend takes care of the users, the backend deals with the processes. In this post we tell you what you should know about the terms frontend and backend: what they are, what they are for and how they differ. Keep reading and learn about these two key concepts for your technological projects.

What is the frontend and what is it for?

Frontend, also known as client-side development, refers to the practice of producing HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These three elements make up the frontend of a website or application.

Frontend developers are those who create the visual components of a website. They format images, animation, and interactivity on a website.

The frontend is used to make the interface of a website, from its structure to the styles (definition of colors, textures, fonts, sections, among others). Its use is decisive for the user to have a good experience within the site or application.

Frontend elements

  • Navigation structures.
  • Layout or web design (the components of the web page: menu location, buttons, footer, etc.).
  • Web content (text, sound, interactive materials).
  • Visual resources (images, videos, animations, maps, graphs, infographics, GIFs, illustrations, diagrams, etc.).
  • Logo that represents the brand or company.
  • Graphic design (colors, shapes, fonts, sizes, etc.).

What is the backend and what is it for?

The backend is the part in charge of processing all the information that feeds a frontend. It is made up of frameworks, databases, and codes.

Backend developers are concerned with ensuring that the logic of a website or application works correctly, the information is transmitted securely and the performance of the website or app does not hinder the user experience.

Backend elements

  • Programming languages like PHP, Python and C++ and frameworks.
  • Servers that control how users access files.
  • Databases, organized and structured data collections.

What are the differences between frontend and backend?

While the frontend includes all the actions related to the design of the experience that a visitor to a web page will have, the backend refers to the structuring of the site and the programming of its main functionalities.

On the one hand, frontend development is the process of making a website work and be visible in a browser. Front-end developers code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to integrate client layout with an application, or work with frameworks like AngularJS.

On the other hand, backend development is the process of managing data storage and accessing it from a database, in order to display it on a web page so that users can consume it on any device.

In short, frontend and backend are two key terms in the world of software development. This is how specializations are recognized when facing a technological project and defining the profiles that are needed. At MyTaskPanel we have numerous professionals who are experts in both frontend and backend technologies, do not hesitate to contact us.


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