Ruby programming language: features and utilities

Ruby programming language
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Are you planning a new technological project and you still don’t have all the aspects defined? Today we tell you what you need to know about the Ruby programming language. Get to know this quite versatile technology of interest to both experts and novices.

What is Ruby?

Ruby is an open source, dynamic programming language, mainly object-oriented, but also addressing functional programming. Among its features, simplicity and efficiency stand out: it allows you to do a lot with just a few lines of code.

Ruby features

  • Interpreted. That is, Ruby interpreter needs to parse the code and translate it into machine language understandable by a computer, but there is no previous compilation process like in C or Java.
  • Dynamic and flexible. It can be used to alter code at run time.
  • High level. It is far from machine language and quite close to English.
  • Open source and cross-platform. It can be downloaded for free from the official page and run on different operating systems.
  • Object oriented. Everything in Ruby is an object, even basic data such as strings, numbers, or even boolean values.

What is this language for?

It allows developing different types of applications, namely: web service applications, email clients, data processing and network applications.

Many famous tools are programmed with Ruby. Among them, the best known are Twitter, Twitch, Groupon, Airbnb and Shopify. Also, there are other large projects that use the Ruby on Rails framework, such as: Github.

Why is Ruby suitable for beginners?

Unlike other programming languages ​​that require a much more technical base, Ruby uses syntax similar to languages ​​like Python. It has a simple configuration in connection with databases and has a clean and manageable code, which is written quickly and which facilitates work with freedom. In the next post about programming languages, we explain the answer to this question.

In short, the Ruby programming language will help you to plan and execute different types of systems and applications. Remember that at MyTaskPanel Consulting we have the best professionals to develop your projects.


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