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We all know that one of the great consequences of COVID-19 was the transformation of the market. Many companies that used to see it as something distant or unexpected today are encouraged to transfer their value propositions to the digital world. This urgent need has caused the demand for IT specialists to skyrocket. The limited supply of these professionals begins to pose a problem for the growth of many businesses. Therefore, we offer the IT outsourcing service in MyTaskPanel Consulting, to support companies and facilitate their development towards digitization.

The 4 great advantages of the outsourcing service

Outsourcing IT professionals with MyTaskPanel Consulting allows you to:

  • Leave technological tasks in the hands of professionals. Members of the company can focus solely on the core business activity.
  • Reduce costs while increasing the productivity of the company. You pay only for the service received; And, to ensure it, our specialists send a report of the hours worked daily.
  • Access the service without a minimum of hiring hours or permanence.
  • Have technology experts distributed between Spain and Latin America.

Our two contracting modalities

The first would be the classic Staff Augmentation (time & material). In this mode, we assign a resource for you to assign tasks. On a monthly basis, we send you a complete report with all the hours and tasks performed by the hired professionals.

If you do not know the number of professionals and the time you need to develop the project, as well as the type of technology you are going to use, we propose a more flexible modality: Agile Squad. This service is characterized by providing a multidisciplinary team capable of covering all the needs of the project. The team configuration is managed by our team leader and is adjusted month by month according to the needs of the project planned for the next iterations. The main difference with the previous modality is that in this you do not hire professionals with a first and last name, but a service that is assigned by different professionals as they are required in the project.

In this way, through two modalities of IT outsourcing service at MyTaskPanel Consulting, we offer technological support to a significant number of companies from different parts of the world. If you think you are one of them, do not hesitate to contact us.


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