Web development in 2022

Web development in 2022
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Are you wondering what the trends in web development are and will be in 2022? If that’s so, keep reading. On this occasion, we have prepared a summary with the most important and growing technologies, so that you start the year with everything you need to know for your next projects.

List of technologies for web development

Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is an evolution of the current web. Its focus is decentralization: the value goes much more to the content creators and users, not so much to the companies. If another social network is born tomorrow, there is the possibility of portability, without everything being centralized in one company.

Web 3.0 is a union of technologies that ranges from Artificial Intelligence, Big-Data and Data Mining and Blockchain, which is what allows decentralized applications. All this set makes the web 3.0; Thus, the experience is much more personalized and safe for the user, more dynamic and faster than before.

Returning to the development of decentralized applications, we can recognize them as d-apps (decentralized application), those that are developed with smart contracts. For this type of project, the most famous language is Solidity, a programming language similar to Javascript. The d-apps integrate with the browser through Javascript libraries that allow you to interact with the Blockchain. Among the most famous blockchains to run these applications, we find Ethereum.


This technology has a huge ecosystem of libraries to work with Big-Data and machine learning. Also, Python is important in the world of web development, since it is easy to develop web applications with this programming language. If you are looking to create MVPs, Python can be a very good choice.


React continues to be the most used Javascript library by front end developers. You are always on the cutting edge of how to run on the front end. In addition, with React Native it is possible to create mobile applications for Android and iOS.


This acronym stands for robotic process automation. It is known as the technology oriented to the use of software, with the aim of reducing human intervention in the use of computer applications, especially in repetitive tasks. In other words, it is a “robot” that, through certain software, is programmed to perform a certain flow of operations, imitating what a human would do. It is used to eliminate simple and repetitive tasks, such as uploading invoices, reducing the possibility of errors and lowering operating costs.

WordPress/ Drupal/ Magento/ Prestashop

In the world of CMS in order to launch a blog or a simple application, the most used or recommended options are WordPress and Drupal. You choose; depending on your technological knowledge: if you need ease, WordPress is what you are looking for and if you require a more advanced alternative, Drupal is the right option.

On the other hand, if you need e-commerce to offer your products, think about Magento, Prestashop or Woocommerce, the WordPress plugin. The choice of one tool or another depends on your needs. For a more professional project, Magento and Prestashop are excellent options; But, for a small online store, Woocomerce can be a very good platform.


Laravel and Symfony are still the main PHP frameworks, the leaders when it comes to web development. Laravel, with a huge community and easy learning (another very good tool for developing MVPs), and Symfony, with a vast community for developing large and scalable applications.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails has gained fame for its RAD tool for developing MVPs, which is why it is used by so many startups. But, in recent times, it is being reborn again, because it is implementing Hotwire to make applications that are called html over websockets. In summary, it is about making a SPA (single page application), but without the need to create a Rest API, but rather rendering from the server with web sockets.

Although it is easier, because they are the usual web applications with a fairly tested environment and an interesting new approach, when you need an API for a mobile application, you have to develop it. Like all technology, learn to use it depending on the case.


In the .Net ecosystem, there is a new technology that was released to the market in 2018, it is a technology on the rise and quite interesting: Blazor. It is a framework that allows you to develop client-side web applications with C # and Html. From behind, it uses the WebAssembly. With this, we could say: Goodbye Javascript.

As we have seen, web development in 2022 will be characterized by technologies that are already on the rise and will continue on this path. Are you interested in knowing more about any of them? Do not hesitate to reach out to us.


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