Vue.js: what it is and why to choose it

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For software development, we use different frameworks according to the base technologies we use and the type of project we are undertaking. In this opportunity, we will briefly tell you about Vue.js, one of the most used Javascript frameworks.

How do we define Vue.js?

Vue.js is a progressive Javascript framework that allows adding code little by little, without using the entire framework. You can add components and routes to grow in just the right amount.

This technology has all its parts well decoupled, in order to use as many as you want, when you need them. They are found in different separate libraries, which make it easy to add functionalities in the moment you need them.

What is it for?

It is useful for creating applications that run on the client side: webs, progressive web apps and mobiles. The latter are possible if you include them within a webview or use a framework such as Ionic.

In short, with Vue.js it is possible to develop:

  • Components.
  • SPA media (components and router).
  • Large SPA (to manage components, router and views).
  • MPA applications (components, router, views and server side rendering).

Why to use it?

  • It has a very large community. It is one of the three most important Javascript frameworks, along with React and Angular.
  • It has a lot of support, a large number of libraries.
  • It is intuitive and easy for programming beginners, it has a small learning curve.
  • If your app is a SPA and needs to be rendered on the server to have better SEO, it has a library to compile a server side rendering or frameworks to help you with this task, such as Nuxt.js.
  • The data is the center of everything.
  • It has a very well accomplished reactive component system.
  • Lacks friction with other libraries or resources.
  • It has a fairly varied ecosystem.
  • It has excellent flexibility and performance.

Our latest developments with Vue.js

Among several completed projects, at MyTaskPanel Consulting we used Vue.js for:

  • Range of electronic voting systems made in its latest version (3) with Typescript.
  • Framework for a management system with Vue.js 2 and Kendo.js.
  • System for energy saving in Vue.js 2 and Typescript.
  • Administration system for teachers of a neuroscience academy.

In summary, Vue.js is an easy, intuitive and quite useful framework to be used little by little. At MyTaskPanel Consulting, we can help you develop a project using this technology. Don’t hesitate to reach out.


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