The lack of IT specialists: a current problem

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Did you know that for the last few years, tech talent has become scarce and the pandemic has accelerated this problem in depth? In this post, we’re gonna tell you what the main reasons for the lack of IT specialists in the world are.

Demand grows faster than supply

It is worth noting, as a consequence of the pandemic, that digitization processes have grown considerably. Few industries are no longer exempt from the need for new technologies. For this reason, more and more companies are looking for a team of developers to maintain a competitive advantage, enriching their products through innovation and continuous improvement of processes.

Likewise, the latest technologies, such as machine learning, Blockchain and AI, do not stop their growth, already digital companies expand work in the cloud and, therefore, qualified IT talent becomes more necessary.

Young talent fails to train

In a few years, the majority of the Baby Boomer generation will leave the job market. Generation X will take their place and so on. As a result, younger groups may not have enough experience or training to fill many of the positions that remain available.

Because universities often do not have the necessary programs to train students with the tools that the labor market requires, companies have to absorb the cost of training plus the learning curve for students. In this way, new additions are delayed.

Workers have other priorities

This is the new job landscape that has changed as a result of the pandemic: more and more professionals are looking for flexibility. They also value achieving a balance between work and personal life, and the possibility of carrying out their tasks remotely.

Therefore, companies that want to attract and retain top talent, need to adapt to these new needs and offer flexible work. This is the best way to get the results you expect.


It is clear that the lack of IT specialists in the main world markets (both in Europe and in the United States) is an undeniable reality. Without a doubt, the pandemic forced companies to rethink work methodologies, move to cloud infrastructure and consider remote work as the main option. At MyTaskPanel Consulting, we know that the demand for IT specialists is skyrocketing and that employers are having a hard time hiring the right profiles. For this reason, our Staff Augmentation and Dedicated Teams services come to cover this need in the current market, providing companies with the most suitable professionals for each occasion.


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