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Staff Augmentation

Also known as Time & Material or Traditional outsourcing, this modality has been in the market for years and consists of adding additional personnel to the company’s resource staff. The key is that personnel is provided by an external company, considered as a specialist and strategic partner, on which the assigned workers depend. This option is generally chosen to fill highly specialized positions and on a temporary basis.

List of advantages
  • Savings of fixed and/or additional costs. Only what is worked is charged.
  • Time saving. You avoid personally selecting the ideal staff.
  • Change of professionals at no additional cost. If the selected person stops contributing to the project in the way the company expects, the outsourcing company takes care of finding another one.
What does it consist of and when to choose this modality

A specific person (not a team as in the case of agile squad), who has certain characteristics that are needed for the project, is hired.

It is the client who is in charge of assigning tasks and controlling the work of the hired person, while the company provider of the resource is responsible for their suitability and takes care of replacing them if necessary.

In order to be successful with this modality, it is necessary to plan an adequate onboarding of the new team member, to explain the working modality, the objectives to be fulfilled, the tasks to be carried out, the quality requirements, the team members, etc.

Unlike a squad, hired professionals cannot be changed from one iteration to another. That is, a specialist hired joins the client’s work team, either for a complete project or for tasks of several projects.

In short, staff augmentation is applicable when you already have a formed team and you need to fill a vacancy for a certain time.

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