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About us

We formed a company for custom software development services and temporary outsourcing of IT resources, with a factory in LATAM.
We provide support to colleagues consultants and companies with a strong technological base throughout Spain.

Service Company

We are specialize in computer consulting, resource provision and software development of the highest quality


We use agile methodologies and online tools that provide visibility throughout the development cycle


We have a professional staff with the appropriate infrastructure and technology to face the most demanding projects

Price - Quality Ratio

We have resources distributed between Spain and Argentina, which allow us to offer our customers a service with an unbeatable price-quality ratio

How can we help you

We become part of your team, either facing new projects or collaborating to meet current deadlines. As a contracting modality, we present two alternatives:

  • Closed budget contract (based on an estimate obtained by surveying the work to be done).
  • Open budget contract (time and material).

The choice will depend on your needs and the circumstances of the project.

How do we use agile methodologies

For all the projects entrusted to us, we use an agile methodology that provides visibility and transparency through the Agile.MyTaskPanel. Through this software, you can see the status of each phase, stage, iteration and task completely online. Even as a product owner, you can have a complete view of the progress of the project through a dashboard and a timeline.

Why choose us

Thanks to our Software Factory in Argentina, we have excellent professionals at a very competitive price, who adapt to any time difference. We know how to work as a team and we know the problems that technology companies face and how to solve them.



To be regional benchmarks in the implementation of new information technologies



To take advantage of our vast knowledge and experience to help companies to generate solutions (products and services) of high quality, based on cutting edge computer technology



  • We believe in the potential and capacity of the people that make up our team of professionals.
  • We always prioritize quality of life, because we understand that a person who is in harmony with his environment and finds a balance between his professional activity and the time he dedicates to his family, friends and hobbies, is someone who can give all his professional potential.
  • We prioritize our clients, since, thanks to them, our colleagues and suppliers, we have become what we are.


Technological Consulting

We offer you the appropriate advice in the event that you need to carry out any of the following activities

Reengineering or systems technology migration

Research on new technologies (R & D)

Optimization of time, resources and costs in organizational procedures


Changes in administrative processes

Technical, graphic and functional design of new products

And much more

Software Development

We have a multidisciplinary team that ranges from graphic designers (who are used in a mobile or web application), to software architects, through programmers, database administrators, testers and any other profile that you require when making a professional development.

We develop systems for mobile platforms, web, Windows or Linux.


We focus both on the development of an application itself, and on advising clients on the complete process of carrying out a project, from the idea approach until it is transformed into an app that is published for the consumption of users.

Check out our presentation to learn more

IT Resource Outsourcing

El outsourcing supone la externalización temporal de un equipo de trabajo experto en materia tecnológica, que le permite a tu empresa centrarse en la actividad principal de tu negocio.


Outsourcing involves the temporary outsourcing of a team of experts in technology, which allows your company to focus on the main activity of your business.


At MyTaskPanel Consulting we provide the most suitable solution for companies that need to incorporate technicians, externally, in their IT department.

We want the client to pay only for the service received. For this reason, the resources will carry out their tasks remotely and will complete a hours report daily. In this way, only the hours worked will be paid. The client will not be responsible for any of the following aspects:                          
• Holidays                          
• Complementary bonuses or wages                          
• Compensation of any kind                          
• Holidays or absences due to illness or other cause

Check out our presentation to learn more

Project Management

Gráfico de GANTT

We can help you plan and control computer projects, because we have:

  • Vast experience in project management
  • An effective and proven methodology for the development and management of computer projects, and software that gives you absolute visibility.
  • Training in advanced techniques and tools.
  • Staff of advisers specialized in various technological aspects.


With an experience of more than 20 years, we help you carry out a computer project in any of its phases or stages (survey, analysis, design, development, quality control, commissioning, monitoring and auditing, maintenance).

Web Design / Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

We work on all the visual aspects of your organization.

Graphic and Web Design

We understand the importance that the image of your company or your software reflects what you really want. That's why we have an excellent group of designers who will be in charge of the planning, design, implementation and maintenance of your website or the interface design of your software. We deal with user experience, navigability, interactivity, information architecture, usability, interaction of media and social networks, as well as search engine optimization.

Web Design


What technologies do we use

To ensure our update, we train constantly. Feel free to ask about tools that we don't mention here, as we try to be concise and punctual.

Development Platforms

  • Mobile – Android – iOS – Windows
  • Web – Internet – Intranets
  • Microsoft Windows – Services
  • Linux – Open source

Development Software

• Microsoft .NET Core (C # or VB.Net, with ASP.Net Core, Web API, MVC, WCF, etc.)

• Java (JPA/Hibernate, Spring, Servlets, JEE, JSP, EJB, JMS, JDBC, JTS, Maven, Bash, Heroku, BPEL, BPMN, Selenium, APPIUM)

• Android and iOS (native or hybrid with Cordova, Phonegap or Xamarin)
• Python (with frameworks like Django or Flask, among others)
• Node.js and javascript (pure or with Ember.js, Vue.js, React, Angular or any other framework)
• Ruby on Rails
• PHP (with frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, Slim or Phalcon)
• RPA (Rigel, UiPath)
• Office and SharePoint (with .Net using VSTO)
• SQL languages (Transact-SQL, PLSql, PostgreSql)
• Made with HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Wordpress


  • SQL Server
  • Analysis Services and Business Intelligence
  • Reporting Services
  • Qlik Sense
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • NoSQL (MongoDB, Firebase)

Technological Scheme

We are experts in the application of various architectural patterns. This allows us to decide the best technological scheme for each problem to be solved, to maximize one or another quality attribute, as required. Some of the architectural patterns that we usually use are:
  • Model View Controller
  • Microservices
  • Event oriented
  • Domain-oriented design
  • Tails
  • Layers, Hexagonal
  • Severals Front-end and Back-end frameworks
  • Front-end testing tools
  • Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD)

Fullfilled Projects

To check our experience in different areas of knowledge, we detail a brief review of some success stories of the most outstanding projects. If you want to obtain more specific references from any of them or consult for a particular technological case, you can request it.

The Challenge
Fintech systems for treasury and bank reconciliation

Reengineering your core product.
This company had a product which was commercialized by monthly subscription, and it involved high maintenance and distribution costs, since the new versions had to be installed, physically, on each client. The company was needing to do a comprehensive reengineering to transform it into a modern, online consumer SAAS product, but did not know which was the right path or how to define a suitable architecture.

.Net developments

The Solution

First, we helped them define an appropriate architecture, focusing on the current problems they had to solve and the medium and long-term objectives they had for their business. We put together a mixed development team for the project, made up of client personnel and resources from our consultancy. We led and carried out a complex reengineering project of 18 months, divided into several stages. At the end of each one of them, a new version of the product was obtained.

.Net developments

The Challenge
Startup with innovative biometric identification product

The client was working with an interdisciplinary team to achieve the desired Minimum Viable Product to be commercialized. They already had potential interested clients and they had agreed dates for the first demo. What they lacked was a technological partner who knew how to face the challenge, someone who mastered cutting-edge technology and who could interact with the different actors involved, who took the project as his own and managed to reach the MVP within the agreed deadlines.

.Net developments

The Solution

We were facing a development with short deadlines, innovative technology (AI, biometrics) and high quality attributes, as it was a solution for banks that had very strict requirements regarding security, confidentiality and quality.

We managed to fulfill the project we had diagrammed and to make a MVP available to the client for its commercialization.

.Net developments

The Challenge
Biometric applications with cutting edge technology

The company had been chosen for special financing, in order to build an innovative control solution of presence by beacons and direct marketing for banks, airports, security companies and retail. The company had a very limited time to present a 100% functional software to the market, developed for both Android and iOS devices.


The Solution

We designed a complex (but efficient) architecture, made up of a management system (web application), an iOS and an Android client, which were the visible face of the product, and which communicated with the beacons distributed by several key locations. It also identified the users to make decisions online, using an IFTTT type rule engine and middleware to communicate the parts.

It was possible to reach a MVP in record time. It is now in the marketing stage.


The Challenge
Manufacture and sale of building insulators

The company needed a more streamlined way to assist agents who had to visit and control the development sites and the placement of the insulation they had purchased. Many of those works were in locations without data connection of any kind.


The Solution

We developed a mobile app that could work offline and with asynchronous data pairing. With this, officers were able to record inspection reports and take new orders.

The company saved a lot of administrative work time and increased sales, thanks to greater efficiency in the process.


The Challenge
Market leader in prepaid medicine

As a company distributed by hundreds of cities throughout Argentina, with thousands of employees and millions of dollars of annual turnover, it has an extremely complex infrastructure, with changing requirements to maintain market leadership. The company needed quality software and a dedicated team that understood its business and which could accompany it in the constant technological growth.


The Solution

AHaving created an agreement, we took over the development of all Java applications, a fact that is not less (dozens of independent and interconnected systems). For this, we created several work teams made up of architects, technical and functional analysts, developers and testers. Each team was responsible for servicing a predetermined suite of business applications.

The work scheme was a success, since it allowed not only corrective and evolutionary maintenance of current applications, but it also led to an R&D division to always be on the lookout for new opportunities.


The Challenge
Management and control of online projects

A big challenge was posed: to build the best agile project management software on the market. The motivation of the project was given by a group of professionals in project management who were not satisfied with any of the existing products (some because of being incomplete, others because of being complex, expensive or inefficient). There was a shoestring budget and limited time to present in a round of investors.


The Solution

After analyzing the functional requirements, a technological package based on Python + Django + Ember + Postgresql + AWS was put together, which allowed for agile and efficient development, maximizing the product usability, speed of response and future scaling.

Although time will tell if it will become the best product on the market or not, the result of the first stage of development has been very promising.


Wefox Group
The Challenge
Innovative solutions for brokers that take insurance distribution to another level

Young and innovative company in full expansion, which is acquiring other companies to expand its business. This one needed to integrate its systems with those of the new companies. For this reason, its IT team was overwhelmed and needed technological leverage that allowed a constant and dynamic flow of highly complex work.


Wefox Group
The Solution

We adapted to the company's development team. We made a framework contract in which we agreed on the general conditions, and then we only had to focus on the technical estimation of each new development, which included the effort in hours, deadlines, quality metrics to be met and acceptance cases to be approved. All development was controlled through online project control tools, using Kanban methodology, and 15' dailies. As a result, the client was able to significantly increase his development strength to meet the demands of the product roadmap, without increasing his staff.


The Challenge
An education based on scientific evidence

The need to migrate the general e-learning administration system was raised, in a very limited time that was already agreed with its clients. The company needed to form an efficient work team in order to meet the agreed dates.

PHP (Laravel)

The Solution

A team was formed in less than a week, the architecture of the system was determined, both for the back and for the front, and the agreed development was carried out in compliance with the planned times.

PHP (Laravel)

The Challenge
Innovation meets Insurance

Swiss company with technological headquarters in Spain, which has a sophisticated system with hexagonal architecture, DDD and TDD. Due to the quick expansion of the company, it had a very demanding roadmap and needed a software factory with high-quality resources that mastered technology and good practices, and which could keep pace with its agile development.

PHP (Symfony)

The Solution

We fully joined the challenge, completing a 1.5-week learning curve and integrating perfectly with the rest of the development team. Eventually, we incorporated additional resources to cover the growing demand for requirements.

PHP (Symfony)

The Challenge
The engagement and advanced insights platform for video services

A company in full expansion that had several development fronts open (Big Data, Ruby), with a team that needed external support to achieve its goals.

Ruby on Rails

The Solution

We worked on different fronts to cover the different needs raised. On the one hand, we carried out an outsourcing project to provide a series of data engineer-type resources, to work on Big Data projects, together with the client team. On the other hand, we created an internal working team for projects in Ruby on Rails, to provide support to the other line of developments.

Over time, we have adjusted the working mechanism to cope with development peaks of this type.

Ruby on Rails

The Challenge
Holding company with a technological and global proposal for industry and energy

The client's internal development team was collapsed by the number of open projects. Instead of re-planning the deliveries with the different clients, they decided to reinforce their technological stack, relying on our services.


The Solution

We put together a team with two resources to respond to a first need, in a very short time. In the midst of this first development, the client raised the need to parallelize with other projects. For this, we assigned two other resources and a coordinator to do PM. An efficient response team was achieved with which all the expected deadlines were met.



Some of the companies that have trusted us

MBA Systems
Sancor Seguros
Sintesys Global
Nacion Seguros
La Nacion
Open Sistemas
Double V



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