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In short, this modality could be the equivalent of the Scrum team of the agile Scrum methodology. Agile Squads are multifunctional and self-organized teams of between 4 and 10 people, who can perform all the tasks that are necessary for the good performance of a project.

The most relevant characteristic is that they are autonomous in their functions; that is, team members decide what to do and what methods to use to achieve their goals. They do not depend on external entities or members external to the squad, everything they have to solve they have to solve it themselves.

The list of advantages
  • Scalability. It is possible to create several squads and serve one client or several at the same time.
  • Flexibility. Team members can share responsibilities and work times according to demand.
  • Sufficient autonomy of decision and knowledge to generate high quality deliveries in the shortest possible time.
What does it consist of and when to choose this modality

When hiring a squad to an IT outsourcing company, you are hiring a team to assign them to a certain project.

At MyTaskPanel Consulting, we take agility and flexibility to the next level by offering the squad administration service, through our agile coach. This figure is the one that manages the configuration of that squad to adapt it to the needs of the project in each of its stages. That is, the members of the squad, who participate in each iteration, are not necessarily always the same.

This type of contracting is appropriate for most cases, but especially when the following situations occur:

  • It does not have its own team.
  • The challenge is complex and requires different skills.
  • It is not known for sure how long will it take to complete the project and it is desired to delegate decisions to highly trained personnel.

Many companies fear this modality, because they consider it difficult to limit in price. An agile squad is charged per month or per sprint, as the time it will take to complete development is unknown. It is linked to the Scrum modality that is not planned 100%, but only thinks about the next iteration and progresses little by little. In the end, in practice it is cheaper if it is handled well. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good product owner who knows what he wants and needs.

The companies that feel most comfortable working with an agile squad are the most agile, technological companies, at the forefront; those who realized that it is a highly effective work modality. The most traditional companies, on the other hand, continue to bet on projects with a closed budget.

In these times when the demand for good IT professionals is increasing, the question is no longer whether you should outsource or not, but how many specialists should you outsource